Living Room Furniture in the Palm Coast, FL Area

At Home Design Furniture, we pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point. Consider our experienced family-owned business when you're shopping for living room furniture in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, and The Villages.

Types of Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture can include a range of pieces for relaxing, entertaining, and storage. Some of the most popular items we sell include traditional sofas and sectionals, recliners and love seats, occasional tables, and storage ottomans, including pieces from high-quality brands such as Ashley Signature, Benchcraft, Best Home Furnishing, Catnapper, Jackson Furniture, and Millennium, just to name a few. Living room collections allow you to effortlessly outfit the room with furniture items designed to work together seamlessly.

Choosing Living Room Furniture

The type of furniture you'll need depends on a range of factors, including the size of the room, the number of people who live in the home, and your individual needs and preferences. Consider movable pieces such as stools, swivel chairs, and benches that can be moved around to add versatility and function to the space. Designers recommend beginning with large, upholstered pieces such as sofas and recliners and building the room around these focal points. Comfort and durability are often the primary factors when choosing living room furniture; stain resistance is an important quality for these items when you have children or pets.

When it's time to outfit your living room from scratch or give it a timely refresh, trust our 40 years of furniture sales and the friendly service we strive to provide every client. We offer pieces from many popular manufacturers. You can visit one of our two convenient area showrooms or shop our living room pieces online.

Nothing complements a design aesthetic like leather furniture. A versatile material that combines class and comfort, leather is a tasteful choice for any room of your Florida home.

Considerations When Buying Leather Furniture

Leather is distinctive in that it is completely adaptable to virtually any style preference. Available in a number of colors, types, and finishes, leather furniture stuns with its luxurious look and extended durability. Its hardiness makes it a great choice for families with children or grandchildren, and it adjusts quickly to body temperature for maximum comfort. From chairs to sofas, leather furniture is a worthy investment for the homeowner who appreciates a touch of elegance.

Different Types of Leather Furniture

While they each offer their own element of beauty, not all leather is the same. At Home Design Furniture, we carry furniture made from several different types and finishes.

  • Top grain: The outermost layer of the cowhide, top grain leather is smooth and flexible. It softens over time and holds up well to daily use.
  • Split: This lower, more delicate layer is used to make suede. It's very fine and often used for decorative furniture.
  • Full grain: A combination of the top grain and the split layer, this type of leather is extremely resilient and ideal for any type of furniture.
  • Bonded: A budget-friendly option, bonded leather consists of scraps that are blended and pressed together.

Leather finishing options include aniline, which offers vibrant color and extra softness, and semi-aniline, which features a thin layer of coating to provide stain-resistance.

If you're in the market for quality leather furniture in the Palm Coast area, Home Design Furniture carries a variety of options for every style, room, and budget. Visit one of our showrooms today and explore our selection.

When people think of dining rooms, they often think of a formal setting that isn't as common in homes these days. But while formal dining rooms are still an option, Home Design Furniture has dining room sets for any design theme.

Styles of Dining Room Sets

We keep track of design trends so we can fill our showroom with today's most in-demand dining room sets. Among others, we carry these popular styles:

Pub: A big hit among newlyweds and retired couples, the pub-style brings the feeling of eating out into your home. With high-top tables often placed near a home bar or wine rack, pub-style dining rooms are fun and upbeat.

Contemporary: The contemporary look focuses on predominant trends. A contrast from the traditional, it brings current and comfortable together for a clean, efficient finish.

Farmhouse: Appealing to the farm family's inviting, homey dining rooms of years past, this style features natural wood furniture, like dining room benches, and simple accessories that show signs of wear. It provides casual comfort in a welcoming setting.

Dining Room Design Ideas

Once you've decided on your dining room set, it's important to consider other design elements to complement the overall look. Cabinets can provide both storage and an opportunity to showcase decor, and accessories like lamps and mirrors can help create the perfect amount of lighting. If floors seem too bare, area rugs can bring some character, whether bold or subtle, to help tie a room together. Art and sculptures add a finishing touch that represents your individual taste.

Dining rooms should be as much a reflection of your desired aesthetic as the rest of your home, and Home Design Furniture carries dining room sets for every style and budget. Visit one of our showrooms in Palm Coast and the surrounding areas today to explore our expansive inventory.

Bedroom Furniture for the Palm Coast, FL Area

Your bedroom should be a personal oasis—a place you enjoy whether awake or at rest. Choosing the right bedroom furniture is a crucial element of creating a peaceful space that reflects your style. To transform your bedroom, start your search at Home Design Furniture.

Well-crafted Bedroom Furniture

For bedroom furniture that will look great and stand the test of time, professional craftsmanship is essential. When shopping at Home Design Furniture, you’ll find only high-quality bedroom furniture by well-known manufacturers. Some of our signature pieces include beds, dresser and mirror sets, chests, nightstands, vanities, and benches.

Choosing a Bedroom Furniture Set

Before selecting furniture, set an overall budget and use it to guide your search. Consider how many people share the room and how much storage space you need, as well as the style of the room. Your bedroom dimensions and layout are also important guidelines to determine the number of items you need and the appropriate sizes.

Shop With Us!

Explore our bedroom categories to see the exciting options for creating a beautiful bedroom at Home Design Furniture—your trusted family furniture store in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, and The Villages, FL. Find an affordable fit for every room in your house at one of our three showrooms or shop our collections online. Financing is also available.

Browse By Brand

At Home Design Furniture, we offer a variety of choices from an array of manufacturers, ensuring that every customer will find the perfect piece.

Easy Choices, Beautiful and Affordable Furniture

Whether you know what you want or are just browsing, we will ask and answer the important questions to help you get what you need. For example, what function do you want your furniture to have? This might have a simple answer—beds are obviously for sleeping—but living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture pieces have multiple functions. Other questions include whether or not you want hidden storage or a chair that can swivel between guests and the entertainment system. We'll find out what you need and choose complementary furniture that fits the size of your room, your budget, and your style.

Brands and Styles You Can Trust

Our team is happy to help you walk away with a piece you love at a price that will make you smile. With over 25,000 square feet of beautiful furniture to browse, we pride ourselves on offering furniture from a wide array of trusted national brands. From the classic and elegant styles of manufacturers like Ashley Furniture to the plush and luxurious styles of UltraComfort, Home Design Furniture carries only the best of the best.

Don't take our word for it — visit us to see our wide selection for yourself! Our local shop will take the stress out of your new furniture choosing process. Browse our unique products online or stop by to speak to our friendly staff.