Nothing complements a design aesthetic like leather furniture. A versatile material that combines class and comfort, leather is a tasteful choice for any room of your Florida home.

Considerations When Buying Leather Furniture

Leather is distinctive in that it is completely adaptable to virtually any style preference. Available in a number of colors, types, and finishes, leather furniture stuns with its luxurious look and extended durability. Its hardiness makes it a great choice for families with children or grandchildren, and it adjusts quickly to body temperature for maximum comfort. From chairs to sofas, leather furniture is a worthy investment for the homeowner who appreciates a touch of elegance.

Different Types of Leather Furniture

While they each offer their own element of beauty, not all leather is the same. At Home Design Furniture, we carry furniture made from several different types and finishes.

  • Top grain: The outermost layer of the cowhide, top grain leather is smooth and flexible. It softens over time and holds up well to daily use.
  • Split: This lower, more delicate layer is used to make suede. It's very fine and often used for decorative furniture.
  • Full grain: A combination of the top grain and the split layer, this type of leather is extremely resilient and ideal for any type of furniture.
  • Bonded: A budget-friendly option, bonded leather consists of scraps that are blended and pressed together.

Leather finishing options include aniline, which offers vibrant color and extra softness, and semi-aniline, which features a thin layer of coating to provide stain-resistance.

If you're in the market for quality leather furniture in the Palm Coast area, Home Design Furniture carries a variety of options for every style, room, and budget. Visit one of our showrooms today and explore our selection.